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12 Days of Christmas - DAY 7 - PDA ❤

(Yes, another random topic for this series. 😁)

My hubby and I have no problem showing PDA, much to the dismay of our children. I'm not talking over the top groping here, more like the occasional smooch, hug, hand holding or snuggling on our loveseat.

Even though the kids roll their eyes at us and sometimes walk away, we know we are teaching them a valuable life lesson about relationships. One that they will ultimately appreciate.

Mike and I are each other's biggest fans. We know without a doubt that whatever is going on, at the end of the day, we are the other person's safe place. And we're not afraid to say that in front of our kids. We want them to see that even though marriages aren't always perfect, they are 100% worth the effort. And if they don't find someone who raises them up, supports them, and loves them unconditionally, then maybe it's time to move on.

So grab your honey's hand, give him or her a quick smooch and tell them our loud that you love them. If your kids complain, you know you're doing it right!