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12 Days of Christmas - DAY 5 & 6 - Peace & Calm

(You get a two-fer today since I was too tired to post one last night! 😴)

When is the last time you felt true peace? I'm not talking about just taking a nice, deep breath and relaxing, but TRUE peace...the kind where your mind and full body completely exhale. No stray thoughts clamoring for your attention and focus, just presence.

If you can't think of an instance by the time you read this sentence, its been too long.

So how do you find it? First, reference Day 3 for some ideas to cultivate some solitude. Next, breathe. Yep, it can be that easy to start. Breath in for a count of 4, hold for 2 seconds, then breath out for a count of 4. Do that at least 3 times to get grounded and calm.

Once you feel calmer, put both hands over your heart and repeat:

"I'm calm"

"I'm safe"

"I'm loved"

This activates your vagus nerve - the part of your parasympathetic system that runs throughout your entire body and once activated, creates a feeling calm.

You may need to practice these tips multiple times over these next few days (possibly beyond). That's ok...release the self judgment. Your body and soul will thank you. 🙏

Feel deeper. Think higher