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DAY 4: Play

When you were a kid, what did you value most? Your favorite toy, doll or blanket, those amazing bedtime cuddles complete with your favorite storybook. Maybe time with your bestie, your parents or grandparents (or both), and pudding. Or maybe it was cookies and milk for you, but regardless, it was all the things that made you happy.

When you got old enough and started to go to school, what did your day consist of? Arts and crafts, singing songs, maybe a nap in the middle of the day (I'm dating myself now!). And when you got home from school, what was it you couldn't wait to do?? Find that favorite toy or game, ride your bike, running in the backyard, jump on the other words, PLAY!

Fast forward to adulthood and there's bills to pay, groceries to buy, a job to do, health concerns and maybe even some elderly parents to attend to. The responsibilities of your world take over and you spend less and less time on things that make you happy and more time on those things you "have to" do. Your mental and physical health begin to suffer.

What if we could incorporate more play time into our lives as adults? What would that look like for you? Picking up a coloring book? (Not the adult version either, that defeats the purpose.) Maybe it's bouncing on the trampoline or playing Chutes and Ladders with your spouse. Anything that reminds you what it's like to feel free, light, joyful and makes you laugh until your belly hurts!

I promise you the world will not end if you do. 💙

Sunday Morning Pillow Fight