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There is no “right” way to do certain things. There is no “right” timing. There is only the timing and way that works for YOU. When is the right time to get married (or not)? Have children (or decide not to)? Finish college (or decide not to go)? Find a career?

Corporate America, society, your parents, your friends may all chime in with what you “should” do...but how can one way be perfect for everyone?? (Disclaimer - if you have a job in Corporate America, there are rules you have to follow.)

No one else lives your life but YOU!!

The pressure you put on yourself to do or be or have or accomplish things on some sort of imaginary timeline does you no good. The result is that you feel “less than”, in competition with others, a failure, or just plain lost…

What if instead we tell ourselves that things and events and even people will come into our lives when the timing is right for US. What if we stopped pursuing things and trying so damn hard. Sure, you have responsibilities - you have to pay your bills and you have to take care of your physical body (eat well, exercise) - but beyond that, what if you also built in time every day to do something you enjoy. It could be reading, listening to a podcast, watching a movie, playing a game, going for a walk,, playing piano, get the idea.

I’m not suggesting that you stop pursuing your purpose, plan, passion or path - inaction will get you nowhere. You can still do something every day to get closer to finding that - research something on the internet, update your social media profiles to show what interests you, reach out to people do things you like and ask how they got started, update your active in your pursuits, but stop killing yourself emotionally by thinking you “should” be in a different place (literally or figuratively) at this time in your life.

TRUST the process...and yourself!

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