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Not everyone is going to like me or agree with me, and that’s ok.

I’m going to get real here. Truth? It doesn’t always feel ok. I know it’s not always possible, feasible, realistic that I won’t rub someone the wrong way (I do have children after all, so that’s a guarantee!), or make them downright angry and frustrated. They may not approve of my actions, behavior or both. And while the logical part of my brain knows this, I still want to be liked, fit it, even be admired.

I have been feeling the disconnect, frustration, irritation, disagreement for a little while now, on various topics with various people. I’ve had some hard conversations. Recently it’s been more frequent. It’s hugely uncomfortable for me. Yet, at the same time, I know only what is True for me (capital T intended) and compromising that to fit in or be liked or be admired will cause me to lose part of myself. And ultimately, I’m unwilling to do that.

It’s sort of like being a leader. Whether you’re the leader at work, of your family, your volunteer group or even of the country…you will encounter those who do not agree with you or possibly not even like you. Do you stand in what you know, who you are…or do you stay silent, go with the flow, in order to keep the peace and fit in?

My intention here is to speak bravely, respectfully, express even some vulnerability…and Truth… as it for me. Maybe someone else needs to hear this as well.

Love and encouragement to you all. May you stand in your Truth.

A friend of mine posing before jumping into cool waters of Baltic Sea last summer.